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BodyTalk Core Principles

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Innate Wisdom

BodyTalk is based on the principle that the body knows how to heal itself on all levels. Innate Wisdom is the natural intelligence built into all of our cells – it is the deep knowing of the bodymind of what it needs for optimal health. For example, when we cut our finger a series of biochemical reactions occur that sets up the healing process. This Innate Wisdom guides the overall functioning of the bodymind complex and maintains balance, or homeostasis.

Your BodyTalk practitioner relies on your body’s Innate Wisdom to locate the weakened or broken lines of communication, establish how to re-connect them and identify the proper order in which they need to be restored.

Stress Disrupts Homeostasis

The majority of us experience stress in our daily lives. Physiologically, the body responds to stress in the same manner, but, individually, different triggers stimulate each person’s own stress response. While the stress response is an adaptive one that protects our bodies from danger, this system has its limitations.

When this stimulus is constant or becomes too great, both in relation to our mental and physical capabilities, what was a benefit now becomes detrimental to the whole system, negatively affecting its ability to heal and function at an optimal level.

BodyTalk provides a pathway back to the body’s natural self-healing ability and to becoming more resilient.

Energy Healing

All living things have energy blueprints that are electromagnetic in nature.   These blueprints act like the underlying structural and functional matrix of the body and profoundly influence its form and physiology. By using a tapping technique, BodyTalk focuses on changing the energy blueprint to bring about changes in physical structure and function in the body.

Since the body is mostly water, when we tap over the brain we are creating a wave that disrupts the electromagnetic field which brings about awareness. Then we tap over the heart – which has more neurons that the brain – for storage of this new information and for lasting results. Whenever we memorize something we will traditionally say that we know it by heart. That’s because we have now stored that information.

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Some website content is drawn from bodytalksystem.com and Healthcare Designed by Your Body written by Dr. John Veltheim.

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