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In April, 2014, I was admitted to Doylestown Hospital with chest pain. Open heart, triple by-pass was scheduled. I was nervous and apprehensive. Christine came to my room the afternoon before the surgery. She used Body Talk on me. That evening and the morning of surgery, I was not nervous or scared. I went into the surgery with a feeling of calmness and peace. She is amazing, and I am so thankful for her gift.

Gail M.

Christine offers each person she sees passion, dedication and gifted insights to effect a unique, powerful and magical experience. As a seasoned BodyTalk Practioner, I choose Christine as my go to person when it is time for my own tune-ups!

Jalma M.

My first experience with body talk was at a family gathering, when I tripped and fell onto my knees with full body force. I feared a real injury, especially since I am a senior. Christine was there and asked if she could help. I was happy to accept. For days after I expected pain and bruises. Neither ever occurred. A very good end of story. I would turn to Body Talk anytime!

Teresa L.

Christine’s authenticity and generosity shine through in every interaction I’ve had with her. When I was going through a particularly stressful time and experiencing frequent headaches, Christine kindly taught me a BodyTalk technique that helped decrease my anxiety and create better emotional balance. As a result, I noticed a dramatic decrease in the frequency of the headaches, and when I did experience a headache, the pain was much less intense and did not last nearly as long. I continue to use and benefit from the technique to this day.

Natalie I.

I have been fortunate enough to have several body talk sessions with Christine. Her openness and kindness make you feel completely comfortable. I know and feel my body repairing itself during the sessions. Christine has not only the knowledge and the compassion but truly has a gift in her hands!!

Julie K.

Christine’s therapeutic approach to any health concern is genuinely holistic. She is intuitive, empathetic, patient, analytical, inquisitive, respectful and professional. Her experience in traditional western medicine intermixed with her expertise in integrating BodyTalk methodologies serve her and her patients very well.

Loretta K.

As the nurse manager of a very busy, hectic, high acuity open heart surgery unit, one day I experienced a tremendous pounding headache as well as tension and anxiety. Christine came into my office, closed the door, dimmed the lights and “tapped” on my head for a brief few minutes. It was extraordinary how much better I felt after this brief session: my headache was almost gone, and I felt calm, and relaxed. This simple holistic measure from Christine’s healing hands was amazing!

Marcy M.

I’ve known Christine since she first began nurturing her gift for holistic healing and I have experienced the growth of that gift firsthand. When I am in her hands, I feel at ease and come away with an enhanced sense of my own well-being.

Pam B.

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