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Your BodyTalk Session

What to expect during your BodyTalk session…

At your initial BodyTalk session we will briefly discuss your health history and define your initial expectations. At subsequent sessions we will discuss the changes you have experienced and the agenda of your present session, if any.

Communication with your Innate Wisdom is established using a neuromuscular biofeedback technique. Working through the BodyTalk Protocol chart, a focus will be established in order to determine the disturbance in your vital energy that has compromised the balance, communication, and synchronicity of your bodymind system.

In order to reestablish better communication within your body and refocus its natural healing responses, a tapping technique will be employed while you recline on a massage table, fully clothed and comfortable.

The area that needs repair will be lightly held to create focus while simultaneously tapping the head gently to focus the brain toward that repair and then also gently tapping the chest to store the changes in the heart energy complex. This technique ensures that the new balance is held deeply in memory and is, therefore, lasting. The combination of awareness, focus, attention, observation, and tapping enables communication to be restored.

An explanation of each focus and its links will be provided throughout the session so that you may gain a clearer understanding of how your body is directing your healing process. A session with Christine usually lasts up to one hour, although your Innate Wisdom will determine when your session is complete.

Click here to watch a video from Dr. John Veltheim (Founder of the BodyTalk System) that explains some of the techniques that will be used in your session. 

Some website content is drawn from bodytalksystem.com and Healthcare Designed by Your Body written by Dr. John Veltheim.

$80 per session (approximately 1 hour)

$210 for a 3-session package, paid in advance

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